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We have two instruments setline dsc and sta to provide leasing services, with the monthly minimum rental unit.

For more details please contact us.

Test Scope

Method Temperature Atmosphere / Application Sample
TGA RT~1750℃/2400℃ Inert Atmosphere(N2/Ar/He)、Air、CO2、Vacuum Powder, Block, Flaky, Liquid, parts, etc (μg to g level)
STA (TG-DSC/DTA,  DSC/DTA) -170~1750℃/2400℃ Inert Atmosphere(N2/Ar/He)、Air、CO2、Vacuum Powder, Block, liquid
TMA RT~1750℃ Inert Atmosphere(N2/Ar/He)、Air、CO2、Vacuum Powder, Block, Flaky, parts, etc
Microcalorimetry -20~300℃ Food, Biology, Pharmaceuticals, Energetic Materials、Phase Change、Decomposition, Cp, Mixing, Dissolution ect. Powder, Block, Liquid, parts, organism etc

Service Scope

Paid test service and issue test report

2R&D Cooperation
We are willing to support with testing methods and solutions for cutting-edge and original R & D projects.

3Equipment Lease & Demo
We offer equipment leasing solution with on-site or on-site or off-site, if you have no purchase plan for the time being.

Technical Dept. Contacts:400-068-6368 / support@setaram.cn

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